Mission Trips & Events

Help share the love of Christ around the world!

Make plans now to GO on one of our mission trips.  Scholarships available for all trips upon approval of completed application.  You can support these trips and other missions efforts through Love Out Loud

For more information about any of these opportunities, contact Terry Bracey.  Download the Mission Trip Application Form or the Mission Trip Scholarship Application.
Note:  A copy of passport must accompany trip deposit. 

2017 TRIPS

Haiti Mission Trip

Dates: February 23-27 
Cost: $1500
Deposit: $750 due December 15
Balance: $750 due January 15
What to Expect: The team will serve in orphanages in partnership with Global Orphan Project. Click here to learn more about the Global Orphan Project.
Who to contact: Terry Bracey 

New Orleans

Dates:  April 7-9 
Cost:  $125 ($75 for students)
Payment Due:  March 15
What to Expect: The team will work with Pastor Ryan Rice and Life Church New Orleans on a variety of community outreach events.
Who to Contact: Terry Bracey

Eutaw, AL

Dates:  May 27-June 2, 2017
Cost:  $500 per person
Deposit:  $250 due March 15
Balance:  $250 due May 1
What to Expect:  Eutaw, AL is located in Greene Country, the poorest county in Alabama. Through baseball, basketball, football, VBS and construction projects, this mission team will use sports as a bridge to share the gospel.
Who to Contact:  Terry Bracey


Dates:  July 24-28, 2017
Cost:  TBD
Deposit:  TBD  Balance:  TBD
What to Expect:  A mission team from Istrouma will use baseball to minister in Cuba.
Who to Contact:  Terry Bracey

Guatemala Mission Trip

Dates: September 3-9
Cost: $1500
Deposit: $750 due May 15
Balance: $750 due August 1
What to Expect: Team members will spend the week in La Limonada, the largest urban slum in Central America, working with our partners at Lemonade International. Daily activities include helping teachers with lessons in the academies, home visits and street ministry. Click here to learn more about Lemonade International.
Who to contact: Terry Bracey

Camp McDowell Mission Trip - Nauvoo, AL

New for 2017! The Camp McDowell Mission Trip is a partnership with Joni & Friends. Mission team members will be partnered with special needs families at a camp specially designed for them. See more details below. 
Dates: July 2-7
Cost: $500
Deposit: $250 due February 1
Balance: $250 due June 1
What to Expect: You may be a companion to a child or adult with a disability for the entire retreat. If so, it will be your job to be a friend, giving the gift of your time and love. Mission team members eat meals with their assigned family and join with them in most program activities. Together, you will also enjoy a wide variety of Family Retreat activities – from swimming, boating, and water-skiing, to horseback riding, hiking, zip lines and climbing walls. After some mission team member free time in the afternoon, you will rejoin your family for the evening meal and activities.

You may also serve in a program area assisting with art, recreation, music or the children, youth or teen programs. Program mission team members will serve and/or lead in a specific program area during the day and evening (with an afternoon break).

Through the simplicity of your service, whether you are a family or program mission team members, you will have the opportunity to build relationships where you can share the gospel and help others find hope in Jesus.

No previous experience with disability? No problem. We fully train every mission team member before Family Retreat begins – there is nothing to fear! 

For more information click here.
Who to contact: Terry Bracey 

Belize Mission Trip

Dates:  July 23-29, 2017
Cost:  $1500 
Deposit:  $500 due February 1. 
Balance:  Two installments:  $500 due April 1 and $500 due June 1. 
Who Can Participate:  IBC   
What to Expect:  Medical missions.
Who to Contact:  Terry Bracey


Alaska Mission Trip

Dates: September 16-23
Cost: $1800
Deposit: $900 due June 15
Balance: $900 due August 15
Who to contact: Terry Bracey