myIBC is an exciting new way to communicate, find information you need, and serve God more effectively.

What can you do in myIBC?

  • Have you moved or changed your email address or phone number and wondered how to make sure the church had the correct information?  You can use myIBC to look at the information that the church has recorded for you - and easily put in the new information. 
  • Need to look up a church member's phone number or address?  You can use Access ACS search for anyone on the church roster.  You can also use it to create an up-to-date church directory - with or without pictures. 
  • Need to email everyone in a group, but didn't know everyone's address?  Or maybe you just wanted to find out how to contact one person in the group.  For every group that you're a member of - committee, class, small group - myIBC lets you view information about all the group members, send email to everyone in the group, print a directory...just about anything that you need to keep up with everyone else in the group.  And you can use it to find groups that you might want to join. 
  • Want to keep track of your giving to the church?  myIBC lets you give online, set up recurring giving, and view a record of both your giving to the church and your pledges. 

myIBC gives us a unique way to keep in touch with everyone, give online, and register for events. 

The first step is to create an account and sign into the system! It's easy!

  • Just click here, then click on the link next to "Need a login?" and enter your email address and first and last name. 
  • myIBC will verify that you're in the church database and send you an email with a username and a startup password (if you encounter problems, we may not have your current email in our database, please email Teri to update your email address so that you will be able to log in. 
  • Use the username and password to log in and create a permanent password.  Once you're in, just use the myIBC login page whenever you want to use myIBC.

myIBC is a wonderful tool that will revolutionize how we communicate - but it only works if you sign up and start using it!

Giving with myIBC

To give online, please follow the directions at the bottom of this page and request a login to MyIBC – your temporary password will be sent to you in an email.

Then go to Online Giving –> Give Now and choose the fund, amount, and if it is a recurring gift. Gifts may be one-time, weekly, every two weeks, or monthly.

Thank you for your gift.