Baton Rouge Sunday Groups

Baton Rouge Sunday Groups


Sunday Small Groups for Adults (Baton rouge Campus)

Want to attend an adult small group this Sunday? Read our list of available classes, where they're located, and who's teaching them.


Lambe - WC Chapel
Led by Ron Lambe
Senior Adults

Sundays, 9:00 AM

Singles (30+) - H106
Led by Dedra Wiley, Wendy Leger, and Laura Ainsworth

Special Needs - H101
Led by Kim Keith and Emma Rogers 

Deaf - H121
Led by Cliff Byrd and Clifton Cowan

Spanish - H113
Led by Guillermo Mangieri, Antonio Montes, and Greg Chalanczuk

Women - H214
Led by Cindy Mount and Bia Hilhouse

Young Adults (18-24) - Hope 213
Led by Jodie and David Frey
Single young adults, 18-24 year-olds

Young Adults (23-30) - H201

Led by Jeff and Dawn Hanson
Married and single young adults, 23-30 year-olds

Spiers - WC129

Led by Michael and Beka Spiers
Married young adults, most with young children

Basco - WC112
Led by Jennifer Basco and Dale Vaughn
Married adults, most with school-age children

Brumfield - H105
Led by Brad Brumfield and Tim Babcock
Married adults, most with teenage children

Elementary Parents - Bain Building Chapel
Led by Micah and Laura Cating and Kyle and Aimee Fitzgerald
Parents of K-5th graders

Chenevert - H110
Led by Debbie and Jerry Chenevert
Married adults, most with grown children
Fairley - H221
Led by Thomas and Laurin Fairley 
Married adults, with elementary, teenage, and grown children

Jordan - H117
Led by Steve Jordan
Married adults, most with grown children

Lilley - WC Chapel
Led by Jeff and Traci Lilley 
Married adults, most with grown children 


Morse - H217
Led by Tommy Morse 
Intergenerational group of married and single adults

Alford - H201
Led by Catherine and James Alford, Jeff Rome, Barry Staples, Mary and Tommy Lowe, Susan Landry, and Jennifer Ratelle  
Married and single adults with grown children

Long - WC Choir Room
Led by Dickie Long and Edwin Dale
Married adults/empty nesters  

Erwin - H105
Led by Denny Erwin, Denson Rivers, Greg Erwin, and Mike Futch
Senior Adults

Parker - WC Chapel

Led by Jackie and Sharon Parker, Joe Nelson, and Larry Richmond
Senior Adults
Ansell - H113
Led by Mike Ansell, Austin Kendrick, and Tony Leger
Men, mostly 60+
Cox - H101
Led by Butch Cox, Jeff Rome, and Ed Wroten
Senior Adults

Chustz - WC129
Led by James Dunn and Ernest Nugent
Senior Adults

Courville - H117
Led by Diane Courville and Alice Faye Smith
Women, mostly 60+

Birch - H109
Led by Wayne and Nancy Birch, Jim Wyble, and Sandra and Don McCollister
Senior Adults  

Spinks - H221
Led by Mike Spinks, Jay Hollman, and Ray Lee 
Married adults/empty nesters


Collins - Off-Campus
Led by Ethan Collins (contact for address) 
Home group of married and single young adults meeting in Denham Springs area