Baton Rouge Sunday Groups

Baton Rouge Sunday Groups

Sunday Small Groups for Adults (BR Campus)

Adult 1 (20-30) 


Young Adults (25 & Under) - Hope 213
Led by Christine and James LeSage and Jodie and David Frey
Single young adults, 25 and under

Young Adults (30 & Under) - H201

Led by Jeff and Dawn Hanson
Married and single young adults, 30 and under

Spiers - WC129

Led by Michael and Beka Spiers
Married young adults, most with young children

Morse - H217

Led by Tommy Morse 
Intergenerational group of married and single adults


Collins - Off-Campus
Led by Ethan Collins (contact for address) 
Home group of married and single young adults meeting in Denham Springs area 


Adult 2 (30-40)


Basco - WC112

Led by Jennifer Basco and Dale Vaughn
Married adults, most with school-age children

Brumfield - H105
Led by Brad Brumfield and Tim Babcock
Married adults, most with teenage children

Elementary Parents - Bain Building Chapel
Led by Micah and Laura Cating and Kyle and Aimee Fitzgerald
Parents of K-5th graders


Adult 3 (40-50)


Chenevert - H110

Led by Debbie and Jerry Chenevert
Married adults, most with grown children
Fairley - H221
Led by Thomas and Laurin Fairley 
Married adults, with elementary, teenage, and grown children
Jordan - H117:  Led by Steve Jordan
Married adults, most with grown children
Lilley - WC Chapel:  Led by Jeff and Traci Lilley 
Married adults, most with grown children 


Alford - H201
Led by Catherine and James Alford, Jeff Rome, Barry Staples, Mary and Tommy Lowe, Susan Landry, and Jennifer Ratelle  
Married and single adults with grown children


Adult 4 (50-60)


Spinks - H221
Led by Mike Spinks, Sam Boggs, and Jay Hollman
Married adults/empty nesters
Long - WC Choir Room
Led by Dickie Long and Edwin Dale
Married adults/empty nesters  


Adult 5 (60+)


Lambe - WC Chapel
Led by Ron Lambe
Senior Adults


Erwin - H105
Led by Denny Erwin, Denson Rivers, Greg Erwin, and Mike Futch
Senior Adults

Parker - WC Chapel

Led by Jackie and Sharon Parker, Joe Nelson, and Larry Richmond
Senior Adults
Ansell - H113
Led by Mike Ansell, Austin Kendrick, and Tony Leger
Men, mostly 60+
Cox - H101
Led by Butch Cox, Jeff Rome, and Ed Wroten
Senior Adults

Chustz - WC129
Led by MJ Chustz, Sandra McCollister, Cindy Sullivan, and Wayne Vincent
Senior Adults

Courville - H117
Led by Diane Courville, Sharon Besson, Alice Faye Smith, and Linda Brister 
Women, mostly 60+

Birch - H109
Led by Wayne and Nancy Birch, Jim Wyble, and Sandra and Don McCollister
Senior Adults 

Green - H121:  Led by Lewis Green, Charlie Record, and Jerry Spivey


Common interest

Singles (30+) - H109:  Led by Dedra Wiley, Wendy Leger, Alyssa Boardman, and Laura Ainsworth  
Deaf - H121: 
Led by Cliff Byrd and Clifton Cowan
Spanish - H113: 
Led by Guillermo Mangieri, Antonio Montes, and Greg Chalanczuk
Matrimonios, Spanish Young Adults - H106:  Led by Guillermo Mangieri and Amador and Noemi Gonzalez
Women - H214:  Led by Cindy Mount and Bia Hilhouse