The Collective

The Istrouma Collective is a three-hour gathering on a Sunday night of all Worship Ministry volunteers and staff from across Istrouma's campuses and venues. We gather for a meal, worship, teaching, and specialized Master Classes. The Collective is the front door for new volunteers to get plugged into the Worship and Production Ministries. It also serves as a primary venue for community building across our ministry.


Upcoming Collective Dates

October 22
November 26
February 18
March 18
April 15

Master Classes 

Leader:  Luke Johnson
Who it's for:  Beginner and Intermediate guitarists (electric and/or acoustic)
What you’ll learn:  Techniques for playing guitar in a worship atmosphere.

Leader:  Blayke Weatherford
Who it's for:  Drummers & percussionists
What you’ll learn:  Rhythm, blending, and emphatic techniques for playing percussion in a worship atmosphere.

Technique vs. Music
Leader:  Micah Blouin
Who it's for:  Anyone
What you’ll learn:  What is Music? Is it a feeling, an emotion, or little black dots and lines on paper? It's BOTH! Each is useful on its own, but they come together in a very powerful way to deliver a message. Come learn how understanding technique, theory, and notation can be as important as getting out of the sheet music and actually "making music."

Sound Mixing
Leader:  Ray Tantzen
Who it's for:  Anyone interested in mixing sound for live events
What you’ll learn:  The basics of how to build a mix from the bottom up, which instruments fit into which frequencies, working with effects, and how to make sure everything is heard without overpowering your audience or equipment.

Platform Presence
Leaders:  Brian Callender & Christian Anders
Who it's for:  Anyone who leads or speaks from the platform
What you’ll learn:  How to present yourself on the platform, where to stand, what to do in an emergency, and more!

Visual Worship
Leader:  Greg Ziecker
Who it's for:  Anyone, especially camera operators, ProPresenter operators, and creatives
What you’ll learn:  We’ll look at how what we see contributes to our ability to worship, and our ability to lead others in worship, including the emotions related to colors, and possible distractions in a worship atmosphere.