Please contact our offices at 225.295.0775 and a staff member will direct your call.  If you are calling on the weekend or after hours, and wish to leave a message, please call 225.295.0775, followed by the extension, or click on a staff member's name to send an email. 

Lead Pastor's Office

Jeff Ginn, Lead Pastor, ext. 130

Aimee Staples, Administrative Assistant to the Pastor, ext. 130

Cheryl Sibley, Director of Guest Services and Women's Ministries, ext. 187

Ascension Campus

T. Alan Lusk, Campus Pastor, ext. 114

Linda Authement, Administrative Assistant, ext. 114

Rachael Barrow, Children's Minister, ext. 114 

Connor McClendon, Worship Minister

Daniel Mullens, Student Minister

Istrouma en Español

Guillermo Mangieri, Campus Pastor | Istrouma en Español, ext. 123

Ilsia Botello, Administrative Assistant | Istrouma en Español

Josue Ramirez, Worship Minister | Istrouma en Español


Ray Raney, Administrative Pastor, ext. 111

Business Office

Lisa White, Business Director, ext. 113

Karen Wales, Receptionist, ext. 110

Tara Sager, Accounts Payable, ext. 120


Laura Fuson, Communications Director, ext 172

Josh Boyd, Communications Assistant, ext. 140

Jana Lee, Communications Assistant, ext. 140

Jim Szalay, Creative Video Director, ext. ext. 197


Darrin Badon, Facilities Manager, ext. 112

Chuck McDivitt, Maintenance Supervisor, ext. 121

Karen Wales, Administrative Assistant, ext 131

Information Technologies

Mike Carambat, Information Technologies Director, ext. 141

Next Gen

Preschool and Children's Ministries

Christy Buquoi, Preschool Minister, ext. 148

Kaitlin Staples, Children's Minister, ext. 148

Jennifer Basco, Administrative Assistant & Childcare Coordinator, ext. 148

Cindy Cody, Preschool Ministry Sunday Morning Coordinator

Madison Cody, Children's Ministry Associate

Laurie Kieronski, Preschool Ministry Associate, ext. 198

Student Ministries

Micah Cating, Student Minister, ext. 173

Christine LeSage, Administrative Assistant, ext. 149

Jamie Smith, Student Ministry Associate


Mike Holmes, Discipleship Pastor, ext. 124

Taylor Strong, Administrative Assistant, ext. 124

Young Adults

Abbie Wales, Young Adults Associate


Mike Holmes, Discipleship Pastor, ext. 124

Taylor Strong, Administrative Assistant, ext. 124

Senior Adults

Ray Raney, Senior Adults Pastor, ext. 111

Deaf Fellowship 

Karen Wales, Administrative Assistant, ext 110


ML Woodruff, Sports Outreach Minister, ext. 118

Ashleigh Callender, Administrative Assistant, ext. 192

Nathan Strong, Sports Ministry Assistant


Dwayne Pitre, Missions Pastor, ext. 177

Terry Bracey, Administrative Assistant, ext. 124


Christian Anders, Young Adults Pastor, ext. 175

Leslie Bartel,  Administrative Assistant, ext. 194

Doug Pacas, Worship Ministry Associate

Kathy Wharton, Worship Ministry Assistant, ext. 193


Greg Ziecker, Production Director

Tim Williams, Audio Production

Parker Wales, Production Associate