Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief


The 225 knows all too well what it means to experience a natural disaster. We're thankful for the opportunity to serve our community during difficult times. 


Who can request assistance from IBC disaster relief?
Anyone in need can request assistance.  We will determine if we are able to assist based on request.  Our team focuses on chainsaw work and mud-outs as well as meeting basic physical needs after disasters.  We also serve between disasters assisting senior adults that may have something at their home that requires a chainsaw and cleanup.

Do I have to be a member of IBC to serve with the disaster relief team?
You do not have to be a member of IBC to serve on our team.

Do I need special training to volunteer in disaster relief?
If you plan to use a chainsaw, training is required.  Mud-out training may also be required in the future.  Trainings will be held throughout the year.

How do I get alerts and updates about disaster relief opportunities?
Text the word DISASTER to 225-425-7773 to receive text alerts and updates.  Also follow our Istrouma Missions Facebook group.


Pray for those affected by natural or man-made disasters. Text PRAY to (225) 425-7773 to receive prayer requests by text.


To donate needed supplies and funds for disaster relief efforts, click here and choose the "DISASTER RELIEF" fund. You can also drop off or mail checks to 10500 Sam Rushing Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70816. Write "DISASTER RELIEF" in the memo line. 


To join our disaster relief efforts, text DISASTER to (225) 425-7773. You'll receive text updates about upcoming opportunities.