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Family Dedication

What is Family Dedication?

Family Dedication is a time when parents publicly express their commitment to raise their children in a home that honors Christ. Dedication isn’t about one day, but rather a choice to dedicate your lives, as parents, to sharing and modeling the truth of the Bible and the love of Christ. It’s about making a commitment to raise your children in an environment that leads their hearts to the Lord. As a church, Istrouma commits to support your family in prayer and partner with you to teach your children basic truths from God’s Word to encourage an authentic faith in their lives.

Process to participate in Family Dedication:

  1. REGISTER for Family Dedication. 

  2. At least one parent must be a member of Istrouma in good standing. Click here to find out more about being an Istrouma member.
    a.  A married couple (a man and a woman) committed to Christ.
    b.  A single parent committed to Christ. We ask unmarried parents living together to take steps to acknowledge and surrender to God’s plan for their relationship before participating in Family Dedication.

  3. Have an in-person meeting with a minister/pastor.

  4. Must attend Istrouma’s Parenting Class. 



If you have any questions, please contact Christy (Baton Rouge Campus) or Madison (Ascension Campus).