How to Help


We love our community and the people in it and we're committed to being a resource during this crisis. We have an incredible opportunity to share the love of Christ by meeting real needs right here at home.  

Here are some things Istrouma is doing to help:

  • Parking lot pick-ups for locally-owned restaurants

  • Care packages for healthcare workers

  • Delivering groceries to provide meals for school-age kids

  • Housing members of the National Guard

  • Donating cleaning supplies and masks

You can partner with us through your gifts to Istrouma. When you give, you help make relief efforts possible!




other ways to help 

In addition to giving to support Istrouma's outreach measures, many of you are already helping in your neighborhoods and workplaces! Here are some ideas for ways to make a difference right now: 

  • Donate blood

  • Deliver/pick up groceries or prescriptions for senior adults

  • Cook a meal for healthcare worker

  • Cut the lawn of a healthcare worker, responder, or senior adult 

  • Check in with your HOA or neighborhood FB page for ways to help

  • Volunteer at the Food Bank

  • Check on single parents

Use this Neighbor Card to offer help in your community. Click here for a printable. 



Have an idea for a way to serve the community? Available to help but not sure how? We can help match your willingness to real needs in our community. Fill out and submit the form below and we'll contact you soon.