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Internships at Istrouma


If you think being an intern means being a gopher or doing grunt work, you're right. But it's so much more. Serving as an intern at Istrouma might be one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever have, but it’s a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

Because changing the world for the kingdom of Christ is bigger than any of us.   

Whatever your gifts are, we want to help you maximize them. Is sports your calling?  We can show you how to use sports ministries to spread the gospel. Are mission trips and service projects your thing?  Come work alongside us in our local and global initiatives. Love discipling middle school students?  We can make that happen too.   

It’s time to use your God-given gifts for His glory and we want to partner with you at Istrouma. 



Intern Qualifications

Interns at Istrouma should:

  • Articulate a clear testimony of salvation.

  • Demonstrate a growing relationship with Christ with evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.

  • Have a track record of faithfulness and leadership.

  • Show passion for service and a sense of call.

  • Be a self-starter who takes initiative.

  • Possess a learner’s mentality.

  • Be a team player.

  • Be 18 years or older.  

Does this sound like you?  Apply now.


General Job Description

Internships are available in a number of exciting ministries including children’s ministry, student ministry, college, missions, sports, media, production, etc.  Each of these areas will have specific requirements and expectations. 

In general, the requirements are:  

Model Christlikeness in daily living.
Assist the ministry-area pastor in carrying out the day-to-day activities of the ministry as well as helping to shape the vision of the ministry.
Assist in other ministry areas and participate in all-church events as needed.
Become an active and engaged member of Istrouma.  




Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral ministry interns will shadow the senior pastor. They will accompany the pastor in diverse ministry settings including staff meetings, hospital visitation, evangelism, prayer meetings, etc. They will assist in research and collaborate in sermon preparation. They will serve in other ministries as assigned.  Opportunities for teaching may arise.  


Adult Discipleship Ministry

Adult ministry interns will work alongside the Discipleship Pastor, helping to develop and strengthen discipleship at Istrouma. They will have opportunities to assist in leading individuals and small groups of people to become more like Christ. Additionally, they’ll have the opportunity to see, evaluate, and affect change in Istrouma’s overall discipleship system.


Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry interns will assist in the planning and execution of our weekly worship services and other special events. Skills in ministering to people, music preparation, rehearsing others, communication, administration, and technology will be strengthened. Specific giftings will be utilized as much as possible, but a broad overview of worship ministry will be given to provide for well-rounded development.


Missions Ministry

Missions ministry interns will work closely with the Missions Minister as they serve in a variety of mission projects. Interns will assist with Istrouma's Refugee/international ministry, participate in and have leadership responsibilities in evangelism, outreach programs and tutoring programs. They will read selected books and articles in order to develop their theology and philosophy of missions. Opportunities may arise for interns to attend and lead mission trips.


Preschool Ministry 

Preschool Ministry Interns will shadow the Preschool Minister in daily duties. Interns will also assist in planning regularly scheduled events (Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights) and special events. They will have the opportunity to serve in preschool classroom settings to obtain firsthand experience in how preschoolers learn at each stage of their development.


Children’s Ministry

Children's ministry interns serve as key members of our Kids team as they work behind the scenes preparing for Sunday morning, midweek, and special events. Interns interact with elementary-age children and parents as they lead in both small group and large group environments. Interns in children's ministry will be a part of long-range planning and goal setting for the ministry.


Student Ministry

Student Ministry interns will work as an integral part of the existing Student Ministry team. They will lead Sunday morning small groups, invest in a home group of high school students, and also provide leadership to our Wednesday night middle school activities. Interns will work to establish a presence on a variety of local school campuses, increasing the reach of the Istrouma Student Ministry. Personal organization, working hard behind the scenes, and the ability to relate to students are critical qualities for potential interns.


young adults Ministry

Young Adults ministry interns will work alongside the young adults minister in efforts to reach and disciple 18-30 year-olds. They will spend time promoting an environment of small group discipleship and engaging young adults outside of our current church family. Interns will teach regularly in small group settings and opportunities may arise to teach at large group young adults ministry gatherings.


Sports Ministry

Sports ministry interns will be trained in using sports to teach the gospel through redemptive qualities. They will help with the planning and implementation of special events and routine prep for practices and games during Istrouma Sports seasons. Interns will have opportunities to maintain facilities, paint fields, and handle equipment. Interns will also be part of a discipleship group.



Videography interns will work alongside Istrouma's communications team and will assist with conceptualizing, shooting, and editing original works used at Istrouma. As part of the communications team, interns will have the opportunity to impact the creative development of videography used within the church and community.  


Production Ministry

Production interns will work under the umbrella of the Worship Ministry in the Production area, including but not limited to audio, video, and lighting. These interns will assist in the technical aspects involved with creating quality worship service environments and providing production support for other venues. Interns in this area need to have technical skills as well as attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. 


Women’s Ministry

Women's Ministry interns will gain experience working alongside the Director of Women's Ministries, assisting in event planning, curriculum selection, small group oversight, and more. Opportunities for teaching and small group leadership may arise.  


Graphic Design

Graphic design interns will work alongside Istrouma's communications team and will assist with print, electronic, and photography projects. As part of the communications team, interns will have the opportunity to be a part of the creative process, developing concepts for promotional materials and campaigns within the church and community.


Intern FAQs

How do I apply? 
Fill out this application online.  We accept applications year-round, but most interns tend to join our team near the end of the summer.

Will I hear from someone immediately?
You will receive a confirmation email upon submitting your application.  We will only call applicants we choose to interview.

Is there an age requirement for the internship?
You must be at least 18 years old.

What is a typical weekly schedule?
An intern's weekly schedule varies with each area of ministry, but you can expect to be present for all Sunday morning services and activities for your campus, and to be on campus for two to four other days during the week. You can also expect to work at least one night each week. You’ll typically have a minimum of two days off each week, but the days will vary by ministry area and from week to week. There are also certain holidays during each semester that the offices are closed. 

Are Istrouma’s interns paid?
There is a modest stipend provided to our interns.

How many hours are expected?
We require a minimum of 20 hours each week. The exact hours and weekly schedule are established with individual supervisors prior to each semester.

What is the length of the internship?
Interns are typically hired for one calendar year. At the conclusion of this year, some internships are extended for an additional year.

Do you provide housing?
No housing options are available at this time.