Intern FAQs

How do I apply? 
Fill out this application online. Be mindful of all deadlines.  We cannot accept applications after deadlines have passed.

Will I hear from someone immediately? 
You will receive a confirmation email upon submitting your application.  We will only call applicants we choose to interview.

Is there an age requirement for the internship? 
You must be at least 18 years old.

What is a typical weekly schedule?
It varies with each area of ministry, but you can expect to be present on Sundays at the services and activities for your campus, and to be on campus four other days during the week.  You’ll typically have two days off each week, but the days will vary by ministry area and from week to week.  There are also certain holidays during each semester that the offices are closed.  Please inquire about those for the semester for which you apply.

Are Istrouma’s interns paid?
There is a modest stipend provided to our interns.

How many hours are expected? 
We require a minimum time commitment of each week.  The exact hours are established with each supervisor prior to each semester. 

What is the length of the internship? 
Each internship semester is 12-15 weeks.  Spring internships run from January to May.  Summer internships run from May to August.  Fall internships run from August to December.

Do you provide housing? 
Limited accommodations are available.