How to Give Using Realm | Istrouma Baptist Church

How to Give Using Your Istrouma Realm Account

giving through Realm 

Giving online through your Realm account is easy and secure. Log in to Realm here. Login issues? Email Lisa. 


STEP ONE:  After logging in to your Realm account, choose "giving" from the left side menu options.

STEP TWO:  Click on the blue "give" button.

STEP THREE:  Enter a dollar amount and choose the campus or account for your gift.

STEP FOUR:  Choose "one time" or set up a recurring gift. You can edit this at any time.

STEP FIVE:   Select your payment method. If you do not have one stored already, click "Add new payment method."

STEP SIX:  Check your entries and click the blue "give" button to submit.

STEP SEVEN:  You're done! You've successfully used your Realm account to give online.


Issues using Realm for online giving or need help setting up a Realm account? Contact us.