Times feel uncertain, don't they? Our normal routines have changed and are continuing to change. We don't know for sure what will happen or how long this situation will last.

But there's one thing we know is unchanging: our God and his word. The more we rely on him, the more we'll be able to remember that the events of today do not take him by surprise and that he is ultimately in control.

We're embarking today on a journey together. For a little while, it won't look like "church" as we know it, but we're thankful that the love of God and the gospel of Christ is not subject to walls or boundaries! Even though we can't be together in person during this time, let's commit to doing these three things...


Watch the livestream every Sunday morning at 9:15am on YouTube or Facebook. Engage as though you're there in person. Like, comment, and share. Open your Bible. Pray out loud. If you can't watch at 9:15am, remember that it is still available on those platforms so you can watch at any time.  

Watch for some great tips on how to watch, study, and pray at home: 



As a church, we're going to work through J.D. Greear's Ephesians study together, using RightNow Media. So, click here, create an account, and get ready to study the Bible with us. Jump on a Facetime call with your small group or a group of neighbors, gather the family in the living room and study together, or just spend some time in this study by yourself listening to God's voice. Join Istrouma's Facebook Group for conversations on the study - we want to hear from you about what you're learning. 

Join our Istrouma "Watch, Study, Pray" Facebook group.

Download the Ephesians study guides (adults):  Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, Session 5, Session 6, Session 7, Session 8, Session 9

Access the Ephesians study for kids. 

PRO TIP:  RightNow Media has 1000s of video studies and other resources from trusted Bible teachers, and it's FREE. There's even a section full of kids videos -- does anyone need something for kids to do right now or is it just us? And most smart TVs and streaming platforms support the RightNow Media app. 


Pray for safety and protection for you and your family. 
Pray for the elderly and those in high-risk groups.
Pray for our missionaries around the world, especially those in places hit hardest by the virus.
Pray for healthcare workers and responders.
Pray for our elected officials.
Pray for those who keep our stores and homes stocked with supplies and food. 
Pray for those who will be impacted financially by this crisis. 
Pray for God to move in a mighty way!

Wondering how you can continue to be faithful in your giving while we're not meeting in person? Click here to give online or just text ISTROUMA IBC to 73256.